Don’t Give Up On A Dream


Dare To Dream
Dare to dream
Only you can set the course
Navigating your destiny
Take the steps to make it reality
Give your dream wings
Invent, conceive, believe
Venture out
Elude discouragement

Understand each dream can be yours
Positive attitude is a must
Onward with your dream
Never dismiss it
Always believe dreams come true
Dream and dream some more
Reach for the stars
Embrace what you dream of
Accept it may take time
May all your dreams come true
Just remember one thing
Don’t ever give up on a dream
Stella ©
Don’t Give Up On A Dream
Walking through life’s avenues
I wear a smile…for you see
In the future is my ultimate dream
Each new challenge was a triumph
As I took all I did seriously
Years preparing and working hard
Are finally bringing my dream closer
Then I ever thought it could be
Helping others has always been
My chosen path in my life
To always try to be there
When someone needed a helping hand
It takes courage to step out on your own
To sit down and work out a good plan
One that you can handle…without worry
And just keep on trying again and again
Past struggles make you stronger
When you manage to overcome them
Learning how to stand up…taking the reins
Keeping your eye on the right path…
Never once turning back
Adding to your knowledge and character
Because of what you have seen and done
Overjoyed at what you have overcome
Don’t give up on a dream
No matter how hard
The road may seem
For at the end of each rainbow
Is a pot of gold…
A wondrous scene to behold
It will all be worth it in the long run
As you walk up the steps into the horizon
Knowing you have done what you have
Set out to achieve…
Through the trials and errors
Believing that my glass
Was always half full
With just a little further to go
Dream your dream…step up
Keep yourself on track
Fulfill your dreams
Never look back…
Kathy Lynn ©
Relationship Ferris wheel
First you have to dream
Then you need to remember em
Then you need to have the energy to
Translate the dream into something
Meaningful in your life because
Why do it if it is not meaningful in your life.
Then there are the dreams
Which lead nowhere…
A least the connected vignettes
Do not seem to have a resultant message
Even with Freud pointing…
I am no better.
Then there is the dream snippet
With me swimming about
Trying to capture the baited hook
I awake just before plunging my
Upper jowl into the tasty barb…
I know this dream
Full day boat off San Pedro
Seven year old with dad
The three-hundred pound burlap bags of
Barracuda and Yellowtail
Mom and Dad up until 2 a.m.
Filleting and filleting.
The pinnacle of the Ferris wheel relationship
Until everything slips, slips away
A five decade hatred finally
Morphs into healing.
Don’t give up on a dream
Because you just might grow
From the experience.
Robert Lanphar ©
Russian Artists
Gazing about looking over the square
Sitting by the church with a deep stare
What a wonderful day it is today
No one has come and gotten in my way
Today the temp is minus twenty five
Just last week it was minus fifty five
A lot of times the police come around
Flexing muscles and speaking a loud sound
They ask me to draw up a scene for them
And they say “you better make it a gem”
Make it very colorful , I want blue
Do it now,if you know what’s good for you
I will stand and wait until you are done
Little man , we are going to have fun
I`ll wink at ladies and play with my gun
While you work for me and look to the sun
Let me see, you done it so beautifully
You do know, you must give it to me,free
Yes sir ,I am happy to make the sea
Well at least he didn’t`take my money
It`s not so fun when the mob comes to play
You know the drill ,it’s time for you to pay
Pull out your pockets, let`s see what you got
Do it now , you don`t want to make me hot
Teenage gangs come around and want the same
Empty pockets,with their fists they take aim
They come down on top of me like the rain
They slammed my head so hard against the brick
Beat me black and blue till it made me sick
Angry cause I didn`t have any thing
Took all of my paint and away they sing
Should have known better than to try the moon
You don`t want to be out past afternoon
As I fully awoke after my faint
I noticed they took all of my paint
And I saw that they took my brushes too
But that night the moon was in perfect view
In pain I thought I was going to scream
But you know, I don`t give up on a dream
To make the moon, I don`t need anything
It`s pretty easy just a little ring
A cigarette butt will make a nice brush
To do the snowy night, I shouldn`t rush
I will use my blood to draw up the square
Leaves,mud and road;the colors are there
I draw up Easter egg shaped domes
And colorful shades that look like cones
Sitting on the square I know I`m alone
But the very next day,kids come along
One had a violin and sang a song
Another liked my art, said it was strong
He gave me a lot of money for it
Three U.S.A. dollars and then he split
It took all day and night for me to make
But at least now I can buy some fish cake
It was a few days since I had eaten
And I need to get over the beatin
I hope the kids really enjoy my work
Hang it on their wall and give them a smirk
Yes it is a very nice day today
Doing what I love in a nice fine way
On red square I sit,blood spilt from the saints
I bleed there too for no one stops my paints
Cause you know , I don`t give up on a dream
= Kevin ©
Dare I dream?
That was the question in a little girls mind
She had hopes
She wanted to be a ballerina
She wanted to play the piano
She wanted to be an artist
She wanted to be a writer.
But she was told she was stupid
Tell a child she is stupid
The child believes it
Yet she did have those dreams
But could not imagine
Her dreams could come to fruition
So she just watched her mom
She became a seamstress
But was never really into it
She just wished.
She could not conceive
That any of her dreams could come true
Time went on
She lived her life
Then decided to go back to school
It was then that her life really began
She wrote something one day
People said it was good
And her dream began to take shape
The story is not yet over
But that dream came true
One day someone told her
Some of her poems
Were going to be published
She never gave up on the dream
It was just sad that all the awful people
Who called her stupid are
Martha ©
Dreams Don’t Get Lost
Life is a daily challenge to fight for who we are.
As children, some have the opportunity
to speak their dreams aloud.
Others are constantly told who they are,
what, when and how to achieve their dreams.
Continuous guidance and criticism,
well meant or not, destroys self-trust, self-determination
self-love, inspiration and creativity.
The ability to believe and trust in self
is lost along the way.
Many learn to keep their dreams hidden,
buried deep in their hearts.
Learning to live in a secret place of loneliness.
Don’t give up on a dream
for dreams give purpose to life.
Perhaps without that secret place
dreams would be lost forever.
The unfortunate ‘well meant’ guidance,
is built upon preconceived ideas
of what, will or should be,
and sadly…
failure is learned as a way of life.
When we view the world around us,
through the understanding and knowledge
of other peoples experiences,
it blinds us from trusting and believing in ourselves.
It is only through our own experiences
we find our uniqueness and genuineness.
When we are able to trust
and believe in our own hearts,
we find the rhythm of our lives.
We begin to hear that almost silent voice,
then we are able to realize that our dreams
remain hidden in the beauty of who we are–
waiting for us to rediscover them.
Dreams live on the wings of our hearts,
patiently waiting to be given flight.
Allowing the magic of who we are,
to flourish and triumph in our life
AzurreDawn © 1990
The Need To Dream
The mind active all though the day at night active in a
different way
The mind conjuring scenarios sometimes drawn from the past
sometimes in a future say
Dreams, ours was to survive often escape or to offer home
Dreams can point the paths to be followed or taken like in a poem
The scheme is to do it the right way this time or to help us cope
Yes the visions of night can show us even giving us hope
If your dream is to conquer the world by inventing ice cream
without cold essentially no ice but cream
Be the one that makes it come to fruition do not give up on your
Dave ©
Don’t Give Up On A Dream
Everyone has a special dream
They hold in their heart
Something they are afraid to share
Feeling that no one would really care
So they go on in life feeling unfulfilled
And feeling all alone…misunderstood
They have lost their imagination and desires
Thinking that in this lifetime they never could
Attain their most treasured goal
Life is too short to let it pass you by
You must take a chance and let your
Imagination open up and learn to fly
Don’t give up on a dream…
Don’t hold it all in
For it will eat at your soul
And in the end…never let you go
Take it by the reins and reel it in
Then and only then will your true
Happiness in your life begin
For without dreams what would life be?
If there was only work and misery
We all need to dream…take a chance
To live our lives happily
Justin ©
Don’t Give Up On A Dream
Don’t give up on a dream
You never know where
It can take you
It can take you far-far away
Or it can take you to
Somewhere real close
Don’t shut the door
Don’t give up on a dream
Let it flow in your mind
Like a beautiful stream
Free, and flowing
Glowing and blowing
In the winds
Of change
Don’t give up on a dream
Some might say don’t follow it
But, sometimes, just swallow their
Well wishes,
And say, nope, I’m a
Bit different the beaten path
Don’t give up on a dream
It can enhance you
In ways that you never
Though possible
Susan ©
Hopes And dreams
Traveling down different paths
In our life
Are filled with much laughter and strife
At times we become discontent and sad
Even when others
put your ideas down
Never give up on a dream
No matter how impossible to achieve
It may seem.
June ©


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