“The World Is But A Canvas To The Imagination”


Beauty Exposed
During my life
I have organized my world according
To mathematics
Numbers and formulas
Attempting to make sense
Out of my being and
My world’s being.
Then I used words
To fill in the voids
Open up new vistas
Leave my own milepost markers
For others to examine and
Follow along until they felt comfortable
To branch out on their own.
Now I marvel at the universe
Still use my formulas to make some sense
But find poetry
Far more fulfilling
Able to leap over the chasms of
Unexplored details.
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
Where my formulas and poetry
Have been my paints and brushes
To expose beauty to
The discerning eye.
Robert Lanphar ©

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Imagination is essential
Where would humanity be without it
So much we take for granted
Would not exist without it
Those drawings found in caves
First conceived within
The mind of prehistoric man
They could have only been made
After the imagination of the artist
Ruminated on how to do it
Then had the courage to try
Every accomplishment
Everything created by humans
First demand  that the
Creator of each had to
Have imagination working
Within his or her mind
Nothing human made
Would exist if not for imagination
Martha ©
Writer, Painter, Beauty
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
That is what we’d like to think
That anything can be used as a write
Write what you know
They always say but
I like to imagine
Maybe how life was
How it could be
A tranquility if one will
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
Come paint it with me
You add a word
And I’ll add a word
And we’ll make a story there
Paint a picture
Feel the texture of this
Close your eyes
Feel it
See it in your mind
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
I wish that was what I think
That I see beauty in everything
In all and nothing that there
Is something there
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
Take a picture from a transposed saying
If that’s how you might put it
Susan ©
A Canvas
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
They say as pretty as a picture
Every picture tells a story
Picture me as a submarine captain
A world is filled with so much and
Our minds photographically register it all
Time and time again
Our imagination sets in force
With all surrounding us
We make plans that can come to fruition
Nothing off limits
Knowing that our inner morality
Keeps it sane and clean
Using our intuition
Like castles in the sky
Imagined in our youth
Now we strive to make
Those castles real on earth
Not pictures or paintings
But reality so enriched
With dreams come true
Destined since our birth
Take my hand dear one
We will explore beyond the realm
Never before seen
Just you and me into the mystic
More than the signpost of imagination
But we together and
The wonderful sights we will see
Dave ©
Painting In Waiting
This chilly damp afternoon
I have traveled the world
Through beautiful book
Of colored photographs
I have saw beauty and wonders
That have caused me to gasp
And know to view them in person
Would take my breath away
The vastness and wonder
The colors, shapes and sights
Majestic and mysterious
From simple to grand
This tour of the world has awakened
My sleeping imagination
The world is but a canvas to the imagination
I know have been moved
My ideas have come alive
My canvas is ready
I have a painting in waiting
Stella ©

“When I Am Silent, I Have Thunder Hidden Inside”

Silence Is Golden
It is funny how being silent has allowed me
To focus more intently
To reflect more completely and
When I do speak
I am listened to more succinctly.
My work colleagues
My volunteer associations
My spouse of forty years
Often ask for my opinion and
I graciously give it.
I obtained the reputation
For being the shoulder you could lean on
When you had a problem to discuss
Because I would not volunteer solutions
Unless asked.
My life lessons have exemplified the phrase
“When I am silent,
I have thunder inside.”
Robert Lanphar ©
When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside
This is what makes me write
When I’m too quiet
I begin to think too much
What can I write about
It’s like an awakening thunder
When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside
Perhaps we all do
And we just don’t know
How to tap into it
To bring it to the forefront
When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside
I want to voice my opinions
Yet I don’t really know
Wouldn’t it be better I say
To just write a note to someone
That way you have time to think
Of what you’re trying to say
How to sway a word or a phrase
Susan ©
My Quiet Mind
I do talk a lot
But I have my quiet moments
“When I am silent,
I have thunder hidden inside.”
Rumi said it centuries ago
He knew the minds of poets
Our minds are always working
We are constantly evolving
That is the only way
We can keep finding
Things to write about
You must evolve
Or you will stagnate
So writers
Let the thunder roar
Let your thoughts evolve
And keep you writing
Fresh and thoughtful
Martha ©
A Voice Of Reason
When I am silent,
I have thunder hidden inside
Fierce winds brewing within
That I do well hide
A force which can
Turn things around, rearrange
A calm shows
What dwells within to soon change
Knowing that right moment
To let truth speak
Best being thought out
Yes strong never meek
To never exhibit
Unbridle bravado but reason
Letting passion flow and
Sanity for all seasons
Dave ©
The Waiting Storm
In her loveliness she sat  staring out the window
Her mind anchored in her thoughts
Yes, this was the right ballroom
The correct night
So now she had to think
She had to sort out 
The map of thoughts
Filled with clues
But her heart already knew
She tuned out the music
She ignored the chatter and laughter
Couples dancing did not distract her from her stare
And her careful sailing of her thoughts
Her back turned to those that entered
She was not noticeable
Which was her plan
Then suddenly a sultry laugh
Snapped her back
She pulled her anchor from
The harbor of her thoughts
And slowly turned to face the dance floor
Their eyes met across the dance floor
Her table setting in an elevated spot
Gave her the perfect view
His eyes widened
His face turned white
As he slowly approached her table
She said not a word
She never smiled
She never moved
He was caught
Just as she planned
“What are you doing here?” he in anger demanded
She remained silent
“I said what are you doing here?
Answer me,” he said grabbing her arm
“Don’t set there all quiet,” he snapped at her
Slowly she rose to her feet
She studied him a moment more
Then she released
The brewing storm within her
She slapped his face over and over
Each side twice
Then threw her glass of water in it
“You you could have answered me,” he yelled
She laughed and said
“When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside
And you just got struck by my lighting”
She picked up her purse and left with a smile
The waiting storm had hit
Stella ©
When I am Silent, I Have Thunder Hidden Inside
When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside
It’s a battle that I live with all the time
For it takes a lot out of me
For the thunderous roar of the negative voices
Grows louder and louder
When I am under stress
And at times it is more than I can take
Causing pain and sorrow
Bringing forth a lot of different symptoms
Sometimes sending me to the hospital for extra help
When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside
It gives me a massive headache that wont go away
Not even with ibuprofen
How I wish that I could just live a normal life
And not deal with that I live with
Jet ©

“The Sky Is Open To Those Who Have Wings”




Flight Dream

My stained glass being
Lifts into indigo skies
Where I slowly sail
Over the  fragrant roses of fall
The delicate pansies for winter
For brief moments
I waltz with the colored leaves
As a breeze beckons them to dance
I am delicately made
Even in this dream
Where I have captured the being
To achieve flight
While it is but a mere dream
My mind knows that in truth
The sky is open to
To those who have wings
And for now
My dream gives me
The wings of a butterfly
And the sky is mine
Stella ©

Fly Dear Friend, Fly
The sky is open to those who have wings
Humans with wings
Seems unreal
But a human with wings
Is metaphorical
It means to allow
Your thoughts to take off
Into the wild blue yonder
Artists are winged humans
Poets thoughts
Put down in words
Then sharing
Is flying
When a teacher
Shows a student
How to think
Outside the box
That teacher is
Allowing that child
To soar with eagles
So dear friends
Spread your wings and
Martha ©
The Future Is For The Brave
The sky is open to those who have wings
Meaning the possibilities are limitless
We can’t have everything desired
We can try settling for improvement
Nothing less
Though the outcome may not be
Exactly all imagined
We can still find bright spots
The future awaits those brave
Achieving not just satisfaction
For what we’ve now got
It is onward and
To what will come
Made better for that
Done so well today
Smiling and thinking back
On preparations acted on
And what we did say
Dave ©
The Sky Is Open
The sky is open to those who have wings

We are told that we can’t fly
But who says we can’t
Did you ever look up
And imagine yourself
Up in the clouds to count them
Share your passion  with others
To see a rainbow up in them after a rain
What a beautiful thing that is
Tied up with bows
If you want to know the truth
Wings and so many other things

The sky is open to those who have wings
You don’t just have to be a bird to soar
Use your imagination and you’ll see

Susan ©
Soaring with Eagles
I fly free during life activities
When I dream
When I am writing
When I am with grandchildren
When I am having intimate relations.
The sky is open to those who have wings
And that is when I am joyful.
Robert Lanphar ©

“Looking At An Old Picture And Wishing You Could Go Back To That Moment”

A Moment In Time
Found some old pictures
Looking at them made me wish
That I could go back to that time
There were Gaff and Em
Nose to nose
Still miss them
No matter how many dogs
When they leave
You never stop loving them
And missing them
There were also some picture
Of that remarkable day in 1999
When this lady graduated
From High School
Husband and daughters
Looking so proud
With that gold tassel
Hanging there
And this younger me
Looking so happy
That was a time
That I would love to relive
Looking at an old picture
And wishing you could
Go back to that moment
Is something
So very human
It is where our hearts
Are at home
Martha ©
One More Time
Looking at an old picture and wishing
You could go back to that moment
President Kennedy and Jackie at the airport
The most popular president in decades
As depicted at Dallas
To go back then to warn them
To skip that motorcade
The picture of Amelia Earhart 
So proud with her Lockheed Model Ten Electra
If  we could go back in time and warn her
To at least change her flight plan
A different route
Outcomes could change that danger
To make her understand
To love ones no longer here
Lost through accident or misfortune
Seen in photographs
To go back to that happy time
And embrace them
Never wanting to let them go
No outside distractions
No radio, no TV
Just sitting together
Only your love to show
But we are only left with memories
Sometimes fantasies of what we could change
Often to dream of them at night
To tell them what to our life they always meant
They will live on our hearts and soul
We’ll always appreciate with them all the time spent
Dave ©
Old Pictures
When you are looking at
An old picture
And wishing you could
Go back to that moment
It is the memory you hold
That wants to take you there
Like this picture of Daddy and I
On a picnic
Just lost in conversation
Just to go back to that moment
And hear his voice
Or the picture of Momma
On her seventy fifth birthday
Just to be there again
Us laughing and seeing her
Enjoying the party so much
The picture of Granny
In the kitchen at Thanksgiving
To go back to that moment
As the grown woman I am
And to let her see the woman
I grew up to be
Then there is that picture
Of my paternal grandparents
In their Christmas Sunday best
To go back to that moment
It was the best Christmas I ever had
At their house
So many people
Captured in a moment
In a picture
That we can never repeat
That we can never go back to
But we can always remember
Stella ©
Mayberry RFD
Looking at an old picture and wishing
You could go back to that moment
This calls for a peaceful more sedentary place
To escape into. Mine is Mayberry RFD.
My town is in North Carolina, located in a county with
Rural Free Deliveries where
My mail gets delivered to my farm
Just fine and I can use the annual Sears Roebuck catalog
As a means to dream about fixing up the place with
A final judgmental look see in the comforts of my outhouse.
One day there could be a John Deere 7R Series Tractor
But this would necessitate a change in my demeanor
From gentleman farmer to real farmer.
Well it is a Dream and I need to sleep on it a bit more.
The short walk into town lets me focus upon
My planned activities for the day.
Who needs a To-Do list?
I regularly visit Floyd the barber
To catch up on what is not going on
In our community.
But it is a wonderful gathering place
To hear what could.
Barney and Gomer and Otis Campbell and Mayor Steiner
Provide differing views of this protected backwoods province.
Opie shows up occasionally and is always quick
To invite me to go fishing.
Fishing with sheriff Taylor and his son is always enjoyable
Where wiling away the time is just fine
Even as the fish seem to be
Vacationing someplace else
I do not have far to venture to find
That place where looking at an old picture and
Wishing you could go back to that moment
Springs forth.
For the memories were forged
Over many seasons of the Andy Griffith show.
Robert Lanphar ©

October Or Halloween Double Challenge

In this weeks challenge poets were given 2 different themes with 2 different word list to use for each challenge.
Poets could use as many words in the body of  their poem as they wanted to
from the lists given for each theme.
October, frost, harvest,colored leaves, fall, walks, apples, full moon, scarecrow, pumpkins, crisp air, frost,  red, yellow, orange, raking, blanket,  hay ride
carve pumpkins, October, jack-o-lanterns, haunted house,  bats, witch, ghosts, moon light, trick or treat,
candy, spooky, black cat, broom stick, tomb stone,
costumes, shadows, spider webs
Challenge # 1

When you are a city girl
You only hear about the country life
We do have the beauty of colored leaves
Dropping from the trees
Red, yellow, and orange
Piling up around the trees
And bringing fall to the parks
And of course
Halloween comes
For city kids as well as country kids
And up come the scarecrow
And the pumpkins
Carved into Jack-o-lanterns
But for this family
The best thing about October
Is our precious Laura
As the fall arrived
And the full moon smiled
Harvest happened in the country
The raking of leaves
Went on in the park
And all over the country
People were getting out blankets
In El Paso, Texas
Laura made her entrance
And filled our hearts
And waiting arms
Blessed October!
Martha ©

When October Comes To Call
The cold winds
Begin to come
When the harvest
Is being done
There is frost at night
And the colored
Leaves begin to fall
Take a walk with me
During the day
Perhaps the sun is warm
And the leaves are dry
It’s not raining
And they crunch
Beneath your feet
The apples are
Ready for picking
They have a lovely crunch
Go ahead and pick a bunch
Maybe I’ll have one for lunch
The air is crisp as
The leaves turn red, yellow and orange
I’d like to start a fire
To burn them after raking
But may I jump in them first
The moon is full
It’s called a harvest one
It’s bright red
So they say
I think I might have seen it
A time or two
In the country
So hardy
All things that one thinks of
When October comes to call
Susan ©
October is here and
Drawing to a close
So very soon
Bringing frost
Seeing breath
In front of a full moon
Changes in time
Cold requiring facial hair
No shaving
Add a blanket or two
Set the clock
For daylight savings
October with the first
Of three holidays
Thanksgiving and Christmas
The holiest of all between
After much fun in the sun
Comes the seasonal crisp air
Now huddling in front of the fireplace
Showing you care
October is loved by so many
And not just for Oktoberfest
Starting with beer forwarding
Family sharing and cheer
So many think best
Dave ©
October Changes
Friends are posting away
Advertising the change in seasons
The trees with the fall, colored leaves
The red, yellow, and orange brilliance
Only countered for beauty
With the cherry blossoms.
I enjoy breathing our desert crisp air and
Seeing the frost on the windshields in the morning…
They help me to recall the hay rides
With a large horsehair blanket
With my girl snuggling up close
As the October full moon
Beams down on the pumpkin patch
Where we will soon harvest our special offering
To the scarecrow god.
For this god is indeed angry and vengeful
As he is called to stand in during a season
Full of California blandness with
A teasing hint of something to come.
We go for long walks to fetch
Apples from farmer Henry’s orchard
To place an apple in each of the scarecrow’s hands
Greatly limiting his vengeful abilities
Until the apples spoil
Always on all Hallows’ Eve
Where the scarecrow’s antics
Will only blend in.
Robert Lanphar ©
Things Of Fall
Warm sunny days
The crisp air at night
The colored leaves
A breath taking sight
Pumpkins displayed
The scarecrow still in the field
Watching the work
As the harvest is yield
Soon the frost comes
Urging the leaves to fall
Under the blue of October’s sky
Leaves answer the call
They fall and they fall
But later we’ smile
As we  wait jump from
Raking leaves into piles
Later the full moon
Fills the night sky
Lovers on walks
Smile and sigh
So many things are
The beauty of fall
So many things
I love them all
Stella ©
Challenge # 2
Black cats walking everywhere
Around the place
Carved pumpkins in to jack-o-lantern
To sit in the windows
To frighten everyone that walks
Past the haunted house
Witches cackle as
Ghosts fly around
The haunted house
Zombies come emerging
From the grave
With black cats sitting
On the tombstones
Meowing and hissing
Their fur all stuck up
Bats flying over head
In the moonlight
Forming spooky shadows
On the ground
Scaring the trick or treaters
Making them drop
Their candy on the ground
The witches take flight
On their broom sticks
Looking at the children
In their  Halloween costumes
As they go door to door
And get caught in spider webs
Ten times their size
When they get to
The old mansion
The witches live in
They can’t help but
Enjoy themselves
On Halloween night
When everyone is scared
By different things in town
And by other people in costumes
For they enjoy the holiday very much 
It  is their favorite time of the year
They wished it was October 31st
All the time
So they could have their fun
Year round
Not just once a year
Happy Halloween
Jet ©

Halloween Is Nearly Here
It’s nearly here
I remember the excitement
When I was little
What would the weather be
“Dad when will you carve the pumpkin”
What will I be
A witch
A ghost
Are they around
I don’t like them
Are they spooky
Trick or Treat
Was so sweet
How much candy
Would we get
Would a black cat
Cross our path
They don’t scare me
One little bit
The costumes even now
What to wear
If you give out the candy
In your home
Do you decorate
With a witches broom
Or just a broom stick
For special affects
The scarecrows are
Another nice touch
But please don’t make
Them too scary
I’m a soft heart
And don’t like them too gross
So if you please
Keep the spider webs neutral
Okay, they can glow in the dark
Maybe that will make
It seems less stark
Halloween is upon us
Susan ©
It Is That Night
It is that night in October
When scary things are seen
Yes it is that night
It is Halloween
Maybe the moon light
Will make the night less dreary
And the haunted house less scary
Time too for costumes
Cute and dandy
“Trick or treat”
We want some candy
I see a broom stick
By a door
A witch is there
I am sure
Jack-O-Lanterns here and there
Like a spooky dream
Do I see a tombstone
Oh my run and scream
A black cat sets
Beneath spider webs
Dark shadows every where
Fill me with dread
Soon Halloween is over
And I say good night
Head off to bed
And turn off the light
Stella ©

The Lanphar Haunted House
When we were active in Scouting
We would always run a walk-through haunted House
Besides the October moonlight on the tombstones
Participants would be greeted at the front door
With carved pumpkins springing to life as Jack-O-Lanterns,
Bats hanging from the belfry shook by a Scout in the shadows
The witch (Anne) in the family room stirred a large caldron
Of a bubbling love concoction where a purple candy apple
Was offered with a bony hand and always refused.
Then the participants were escorted
Down the stairs into the garage
As ghosts bounced about,
Spooky black curtains with spiders shook,
A black cat offered a menacing, screaming meow,
Finally there was my son strapped in a chair as the doctor (Me)
Administered the meat cleaver strike on his hand
To a strobing black light crescendo
Bringing to life various painted items on the walls
Including spider webs, broomsticks dancing, and
Various costumes appropriate for our dungeon scene.
A final escort directed the participants out of the garage
Where they were offered a helping hand,
The severed hand.
We had wonderful trick or treat candy which was always
Quickly passed by as a quick escape
Was the desired course of action.
The best comments came from four frightened teen girls:
“You guys are f—ing crazy.”
Robert Lanphar ©

“Just Open Your Eyes And See That Life Is Beautiful”

People Say To….
People say to
Stop and smell the flowers
What nature has to offer
Or another way is
Just open your eyes
And see that life
Is beautiful
A smile
A hello in passing
All nice gestures
To make your day
More pleasant
It’s not hard to do
Help someone pick
Something up that
They can’t
It’s not big things
That need to be done
You don’t need to
Change the world
Just open your eyes
And see that life is beautiful
The potential in people
Is always greater
Than what you think
Susan ©
The Healer’s Call
I am a man of peace and prayer
Because of my exposure to so much sickness,
Pain, and the ever present potential for healing.
This makes it easy for me to wake with
A full smile on my face and
After my full day at the harvest and
My nightly examine
A contented smile fills my face
As I have a clear agenda for the new morn and
Have turned over to God
What is rightly God’s responsibility.
Through my daily ministry and action
I can safely share
“Just open your eyes and
See life is beautiful”.
The few wrinkles that need straightening
Will call out to you and
You as well can be the helpful healer of
God’s kingdom.
Robert Lanphar ©
Do Not Lose Heart
Things in life do not always go the way
We want them to
It’s often good will, some say luck
That will come to you
The contrast between
Good and the bad define life
Just a thread between pleasantry
And unwavering strife
Keep love in your heart
Appreciate all sights and sounds
Just open your eyes and see
That life is beautiful all around

Just Look Around
Just look around
Yes, there is a lot of ugliness
But look further
There is so much to see
And if we open our eyes
And our minds
We can see
That our Earth is a miracle
And if we think about it
Our very existence
Is also a miracle
So open your eyes and see
That life is beautiful
We have so much to live for
And so many ways that we
Can make life beautiful
For those we love and
In the process
Do beautiful things
For our own lives.
Martha ©
Just By Opening  Your Eyes And Seeing That Life Is Beautiful
Just by opening your eyes and seeing that life is beautiful
Is only a small part of it .
One must include all of our senses but most important is our
Inner awareness of
Being Alive which is the unique gift from God
Stan ©
Life Is Beautiful
The rose as it loses it petals
Though its color long still looms
It never losses its beauty
From the time it blooms
The autumn leaves now fallen
Laying piled up on the ground
But look closely there is still color
If you look color can be found
The storm cloud black and rolling
There was wind, lighting and hail
After it calms there is beauty
Because a rainbow will prevail
The wind and snow of winter
Though it howls and it is better cold
Such is the beauty and splendor
If we just take time to behold
The garden gone and over grown
What beauty could be there
I see morning glories blue and pink
Blooming with no care
The storm you battle privately
That threatens to take you beneath its waves
Can open up a portal
Where you can see better days
Just heed these words of wisdom
To their advice be dutiful
Just open your eyes and see
That life is beautiful
Stella ©

“Through dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own”


Dream World
Through dreams we enter
A world that is entirely our own
One that we have created for ourselves
That no one else knows about
Or can take control over or destroy
In my world those I love and have lost
Are alive again and with me
As though they never passed away
In the first place
Hugging and kissing me
Telling me how proud they are of me
For all the things that
I have done and accomplished
They love how I found someone
Like my husband
That takes good care of me
And loves me like he does
They are all still alive in my dreams
For through dreams we enter a world
That is entirely our own
In my dreams it is nice to see
My loved ones alive once more
And with me again
For I miss them and think of them often
And sometimes when I wake
I wish that my dreams were real
That they were alive once more
For I miss them all
And still love them deeply
And always will
But I see them in my dreams
And I know they are always with me in spirit
And that they are proud of me and love me
Jet ©
Do we all dream
Do we remember our dreams
Once as a child she dreamed
She was on a raft with Tom Sawyer
They were eating dried fruit
Then there was that crazy dream
About being in the girls bathroom
At McIntyre Elementary School
All she remembers is
Getting soap out of the dispenser
Then washing her hands
But that was then
Now as an old lady she does not dream
Or at least she does not remember
That is sad
Because she was told
That through dreams we enter
A world that is entirely our own
And now in old age
She wishes she would dream
Martha ©
What do you dream
Do we know
Do we remember
Through dreams
We enter a world
That is entirely our own
Whether or not we want to
Is it our subconscious
Entering our thoughts
As they perceive them to be
Or is it telling us something else
Our fears and our happiest thoughts
All coming together
A coping mechanism
Through dreams
We enter a world
That is entirely our own
Whether or not we want to
Susan ©
A World Dream
Ever since I can remember
I have had this belief
All sharing this planet
Peaceful with world relief
Ones in distant lands share love and
Just like us
We should fight terror together
Without war or fuss
All nations are proud of their countries
As  it should be
Not a new order with togetherness
Love we will see
By keeping good  and sharing thoughts
And love in our heart
The world can be a better place
Brother and sisterhood a good start
Feelings in our soul manifest in
Sweet dreams for me and you
It seems often enough through dreams
We enter a world that is entirely our own
Whether or not we want to
Dave ©
My Dreams
I close my eyes
And will myself to dream
To go were my flight of fantasy
Wills my dreams to take me
I find myself in the hills of Scotland
In the arms of a highland warrior
His kilt wrapped around us 
As we lay within the heather
Its fragrance blending with the night air
While the stars dance above us
And far away the notes
Of a lone bagpipe drift across the land
From there I am transported to sands of white
Beside a sapphire ocean
Out in the bay the pirate ship drops anchor
And while the crew drink and sleep
The captain has made his way to me
And we fall asleep in each others arms
As the waves sing us to sleep
Next I find my way to an old barn
Filled with fresh hay
Up in the hay loft we lay on a blanket
Your boots beside mine
A old portable radio plays
Tender country love songs
We giggle, whisper and talk
Then the sound of rain on the tin roof
Pulls us closer together for warmth
Desire gives way to passion
And we are lost in the rumble of thunder
From there I find myself in a castle
My prince has quietly climb the tower stairs
Where I wait for him in a bedroom
Filled with roses and candle light
A bed draped in silk awaits us
As the door silently closes behind him
I hear the click of the lock
With a few steps we are in each other arms
Our kisses flaming what burns inside
I stir from my sleep
Look about me and realize that 
Through dreams we enter a world
That is entirely our own
Stella ©
Dream DNA
I dream
But I am not privileged to remember
Because I go into a deep sleep
As soon as my head hits the pillow
And I awake three hours later
Completely refreshed and with no recollection of
What transpired
Sometimes I can recall snippets of dreams
Dream DNA fragments
Calling out to me
My journal and pen ever at the ready
To capture the fleeting engrams.
Just so two weeks ago
“Generational Gigolo”
Was hanging about.
What am I to do with this?
A Poem was not resonating.
A story was not resonating.
Ah, a novel soon began to fill out
Pages in my journal
Until time to put fingers to the keyboard.
Now I have a novella
With love and sex and lessons learned
And a living family of women that
Hold everything together.
Maybe this is my dream
As the Dream DNA did its part
And replicated into
Something Special.
Something memorable.
Something for Bob to share.
It only goes to show that
Through dreams we enter a world
That is entirely our own
And meant to be shared.
Robert Lanphar ©